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9 Best Blogger Outreach Services to Help You Grow Your Business

Top blogger outreach services

There are millions of blogs on the internet, with many of them getting thousands of traffic each day.

Just think how wonderful it would be if you could get those popular blogs to promote your business.

Well, that’s what blogger outreach is all about.

But hold on, it’s not a walk in the park.

If done right, blogger outreach can skyrocket your business growth. But diving into it without experience is not at all a good idea.

So what should you do?

In such cases, you can go for blogger outreach services.

Thankfully, we have so many options available.

In this post, we have selected the 9 best blogger outreach services that you can go for to boost your business.

Let’s go.

What is blogger outreach

Blogger outreach is simple. It is all about creating a list of relevant bloggers in your industry and then sending them targeted messages to achieve your goal.

Now the goal could be anything such as getting backlinks, promoting content, or improving brand exposure.

Here’s how it works:

First, find bloggers who write content relevant to your business. For example, SaaS bloggers, if your business falls under the SaaS industry.

Next, reach out and create a relationship with those bloggers.

Lastly, achieve your goal. For example, ask the blogger to place a link to your website on his blog.

Benefits and importance of blogger outreach

Now let us understand exactly why you should use blogger outreach in your business.

benefits and importance of blogger outreach

1. It increases your online visibility

Bloggers have an existing community of loyal audiences who visit their blogs on a regular basis.

When these bloggers talk about your business in front of their audience, more people get to know about your business.

In simple, it is all about getting bloggers to talk about your business in front of their audience which increases your online visibility.

2. You gain people’s trust

As we mentioned earlier, bloggers have a loyal audience with strong trust.

By getting bloggers to talk about and promote your brand in front of their audience, you automatically earn the trust of their audience.

How? Well, when audiences see their favorite blogger talking about a particular website, they automatically believe that the website is a trustworthy source.

3. You get high-quality backlinks

Strong backlinks strengthen your search ranking. That’s why you should always try to get high-quality backlinks to your website.

You can target popular blogs and interact with them.

Then, you can ask them if they would like a free guest post or offer something of value in exchange for a backlink.

High-quality backlinks from these popular blogs can easily improve your search results.

Guest Posting Sites List

Ready to skyrocket your website’s ranking? Click here to access our curated list of guest posting sites.

4. You find a target audience for your business

It’s good to promote your business to a large group of audience. But you know what? Having your exact target audience on your site is even better.

You can choose bloggers whose audience best matches your target audience demographic and partner with them.

This ensures that your message reaches the right audience group.

5. It is cost-effective

Traditional marketing takes a lot of time to run and can cost you a lot of money.

That’s not the case with blogger outreach.

Using blogger outreach, you can reach out to niche bloggers who are interested in collaborating with your business and get them to help you.

All of this can be done at a fraction of the cost of other traditional marketing methods.

Why you should hire a blogger outreach agency

Now let us understand why you should hire an agency for your blogger outreach. Here are some reasons:

benefits of hiring a blogger outreach agency

Experts work for you

Link building and SEO agencies specialize in blogger outreach.

This means that they already have a team of experts who are experienced in performing blogger outreach services and also have knowledge about what works and what does not.

With agencies, you can get those experts to work for you.

You get better and faster

Since these companies have an outreach team of experts who are skilled in blogger outreach services, they always give good results.

Agencies know how things work and what it takes to achieve your blogger outreach goals.

This will give you better and faster blogger outreach results.

Links to popular websites

You know, Since these companies have years of experience working on the same thing, most of them have already established relationships with other popular blogs and websites.

Your business can benefit from this.

Their network can help them network with other bloggers and get backlinks from them easily.

Streamline Your SEO Efforts Today!

Looking for cost effective blogger outreach services?

Save your time

From understanding your needs to developing prospects to relationship building and link acquisition, blogger outreach can be time consuming.

Agencies take this burden off your shoulders and let you focus on other aspects of your business and make you successful.

You get consistency

Since you will be focusing on all major aspects of your business, it won’t be easy for you to keep up with the blogger outreach.

And when it comes to blogger outreach, consistency is key.

Don’t worry, with a blogger outreach agency you will get the stability your business needs as these agencies take care of the regular work schedules to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Best blogger outreach services for link building and SEO

Okay, so now it’s time to talk about the best blogger outreach services.

Let’s go.

1. SERP Forge

blogger outreach agency

SERP Forge is an expert agency experienced in using many different link acquisition strategies to build quality links for its clients. And blogger outreach is one of those.

Now, you might be wondering how SERP Forge is one of the best blogger outreach service providers, right? Well, that’s valid. Let us explain.

What makes us special?

We know you

An agency can help your business only when it completely understands it. Learning about your business is always our first goal to develop a new plan that works for you.

Complete transparency

No need to worry about what’s going on with your blogger outreach strategy. We stay transparent by giving you regular reports on what’s going on and the results achieved.

We don’t like quantity we like quality

1 quality link can be more effective than 100 low-quality links. That’s why we always try to give you only the best links that your business needs.

Our blogger outreach process

outreach process

Moreover, we take a really special approach to your blogger outreach process.

We start off by understanding your business, your market, what your competitors are doing, and how you need your results.

Then, we start creating a list of reputable bloggers that are relevant to your business.

Next, we reach out to those bloggers in the name of your company and create a relationship with them.

Once a relationship is formed, we then get you the high-quality link that your business is waiting for.

Finally, we analyze the results of our blogger outreach efforts and make changes to achieve better results.

2. Outreach mama

outreach mama

Well, now on this list we have Outreach mama.

Outreach Mama is one of the most popular agencies with a special focus on blog outreach services.

This agency does everything for you from developing pitches and identifying targets to reaching out on behalf of your company and helping you acquire links.

What’s more? Outreach Mama’s blogger outreach service ensures that your company builds a relationship with popular bloggers which can help you grow traffic and rankings on a long-term basis as well.

  • The basic blogger outreach plan costs $850/month and will give 3 – 5 links from blogs with domain ratings ranging from 20 to 50 and more.
  • The advanced blogger outreach plan costs $1300/month and will give you 5 – 10 links from blogs with domain ratings ranging from 20 to 50 and more.
  • Lastly, the professional blogger outreach plan costs $1700/month and will give you 7 – 14 links from blogs with domain ratings ranging from 20 to 50 and more.

3. FatJoe

fatjoe blogger outreach agency

If you want natural, relevant, and in-content links from 100% real bloggers, FatJoe is here to help.

Founded in 2012, FatJoe is a popular agency providing various kinds of link building services including blogger outreach to companies all across the world.

Their blogger outreach process is divided into three simple steps.

In the first step, they reach out to relevant bloggers and find link building opportunities. Next, their team of copywriters tries to write the best content and place the link.

Finally, they allow you to view the link from your dashboard with the domain rating.

FatJoe manages their pricing plans on per link basis.

  • With the first plan, you get a link from a DA 10+ website for $81 per link.
  • With the second plan, you get a link from a mid-tier website for $108 per link.
  • With the third plan, you get a link from a DA 30+ high-tier website for $135 per link.
  • With the fourth plan, you get a link from a DA 40+ website including 500+ guaranteed traffic for $243 per link.
  • With the fifth and final plan, you get a link from a DA 50+ website including 1000+ guaranteed traffic for $378 per link.

4. BibiBuzz

bibi buzz

If you want to work with an effective blogger outreach service provider, BibiBuzz can be a good option.

This agency is run by a solopreneur who has mastered the link building game.

BibiBuzz keeps its main focus on being 100% transparent on how each link was earned and including the strategies used to earn them.

In the very first step, Bibi tries to learn about your business and the market.

Once the first step is completed, next, she’ll plan on your goals on what your company must earn from the manual outreach process. She also plans on what needs to be used in the entire process.

Next, she starts the actual process.

The process simply includes the following steps:

  • Brainstorming phase
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content Auditing
  • Content Ideation
  • Prospect list creation
  • Outreaching for guest posting services

BibiBuzz has a standard pricing plan where it charges $6000 for 10 links sites that are of high quality and relevant to your business.

5. Outreach Labs

outreach labs agency

This is another link building agency that specially focuses on blogger outreach services to acquire links for its clients.

This agency understands how things work when it comes to blogger outreach and has the potential to improve your brand authority by getting you connected with reputable blogs.

Their main goal is to only focus on blogs customers pay attention to and Google trusts so that the links acquired from these blogs skyrocket your rankings.

Outreach Labs doesn’t focus on links alone. Along with quality links, they also try to create quality content, and onsite SEO is performed well to drive the best results.

Moreover, you also get to work with blogs you always wanted to work with.

They give you an option to customize the pricing plan based on your needs.


linkbuilder blogger outreach agency

This is another popular link building agency that specializes in using blogger outreach services to build links to your website.

While choosing the prospects, their team uses various metrics such as the domain authority of the website and the minimum monthly traffic, to determine the quality of the prospects.

What’s more? They also customize their strategy based on the blogger’s expertise.

The agency allows you to choose your anchor text and also asks you to provide the URL where you want to place the links.

Finally, offers multiple pricing plans.

  • Their startup plan provides 8+ links per month with an average domain rating ranging from DR 50 to 90 for $2999/month.
  • Their pro plan provides 16 links per month with an average domain rating ranging from DR 50 to 90 for $5999/month.
  • Their growth plan provides 27 links per month with an average domain rating ranging from DR 50 to 90 for $9999/month.
  • Finally, their enterprise plan provides 58 links per month with an average domain rating ranging from DR 50 to 90 for $19,999/month

7. Page One Power

page one power

Next, on this list, we have Page One Power.

Page One Power is a custom link building agency that specializes in building natural links to your website that improve search engine rankings and drive traffic.

The company was started in 2010 and is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

It uses various forms of link building techniques such as resource link building and content link building where the team uses guest posts to earn links.

Page One Power creates a tailor-made strategy for your business in such a way that it earns links to your website.

Their process is divided into various steps which include meeting the experts in the team, understanding your business, creating content, and getting your links.

The best thing about Page One Power is that they create customized pricing plans based on your budget and your needs.

8. Click Intelligence

click intelligence

Next, we have another agency that provides excellent blogger outreach services – Click Intelligence.

If you are constantly trying to build relevant organic links but are struggling to see the progress, Click Intelligence is here to help.

The core focus of the Click Intelligence team falls on these 4 things when performing blogger outreach for your business:

  • You get to choose which links you need
  • Creating a unique piece of content
  • Build relationships with reputable websites
  • Get links from those websites

Their pricing plans are divided into two categories – No approval and Pre approval.

  • Their first DA 20+ blogger outreach plan starts from $64 per link for ‘no approval’. The same plan charges $100 per link for ‘pre approval’ and manual blogger outreach.
  • Their second DA 30+ blogger outreach plan starts from $72 per link for ‘no approval’. The same plan charges $121.6 for ‘pre approval’.
  • Their third DA 40+ blogger outreach plan starts from $204 per link for ‘no approval’. The same plan charges $360 for ‘pre approval’.
  • Their fourth and final DA 50+ blogger outreach plan starts from $366 per link for ‘no approval’. The same plan charges $403 for ‘pre approval’.

9. Outreach Monks

outreach monks

Finally, on this list, we have – Outreach Monks.

Outreach Monks is another popular blogger outreach service agency.

It is an agency that specializes in creating relationships with well-known bloggers and acquiring links that improve your search rankings and also drive traffic.

This agency ensures that your website receives quality backlinks from relevant bloggers that drive real results.

Outreach Monks puts its major focus on always giving you only the real links, from real bloggers, that provide real results.

From creating a list of prospects to reaching out for backlinks, Outreach Monks does the work for you.

Their pricing is divided into three different plans:

The pricing of the first plan falls between the range of $59 per link to $499 per link, based on domain rating and the guaranteed monthly organic traffic from the target website.

Do’s and don’ts when choosing the right blogger outreach service for backlinks

Let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts of blogger outreach when working with an agency.


Do research about the agency

Before working with an agency, it is extremely important to thoroughly research them and understand their track records.

Do set clear goals

Be clear about what kind of results you need to achieve from the blogger outreach service. This helps the agency to work with your goal.

Do set a realistic budget

Always try to build a realistic budget that works as a win-win for both parties.


Avoid using black hat tactics

Stay away from agencies that use black hat tactics to acquire links such as buying links from low-quality websites or engaging in link schemes.

Don’t rush the process

Building relationships with bloggers takes time. Avoid pressuring the agency to rush campaigns as this can give you bad results.

Don’t compromise on quality for price

Don’t choose an agency solely based on lower prices. Yes, trying to save as much cost as possible is important, but you must never compromise on quality for cost.


So this was the complete list of the best blogger outreach services.

Look, hiring a blogger outreach service provider is always going to be more beneficial than doing it on your own.

With experience in building links in a simpler yet powerful manner, SERP Forge is ‘the’ best agency that can give you ‘the’ best blogger outreach results.

Start working with us today to see ‘the’ results.


  • How do blogger outreach services work?

    First, the service providers try to understand your business. Once they get a good understanding of your business, then they start creating a list of prospects. Next, they reach out to the bloggers and create relationships. Finally, they collaborate and acquire the link.

  • How can blogger outreach services help with SEO?

    When the blogger outreach services get links from reputed blogs to your website, Google considers those links as votes. Thus, the more links you get from your blogger outreach, the better results you achieve with SEO.

  • Does blogger outreach still work?

    The answer is a simple yes.Blogger outreach can still help you in many ways. First, the links earned from blogger outreach can help you improve your search rankings. Next, these links can also drive a high amount of referral traffic to your website. Finally, blogger outreach can help you earn people’s trust.

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