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191+ Guest Posting Sites List to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2024

free guest posting sites

Do you know what’s the best way to take your website to the next level?… Yes? No?

Anyways, if you are in the process of performing all sorts of strategies to improve your website’s SEO and gain more traffic, you are pretty much on the right page. 

See, let’s get this straight – If you want to take your website to the next level, you would really want to earn some strong backlinks to your website. 

Now, how can you do that? Well, there are a lot of ways. But the best and one of the easiest ways to gain backlinks to your website and earn high traffic is by using guest posting as your go-to strategy.


But where can you write these guest posts? Well, you are on the right page.

Here is your monster list of the 100+ best free guest posting sites.

So let’s get started.

What is guest posting

Even if you already know it, it’s important for you to get a quick brush up on understanding what exactly guest posting is. 

So in simple words, guest posting is when you write and upload a post on someone else’s website.

The word ‘guest’ simply means someone outside of the team (a guest) and the word ‘posting’ refers to the posting on the website. 

What do you get from guest posting

Now that you know what guest posting is, you might be wondering why people write these guest posts. What does the guest (who is uploading a post on someone else’s website), get out of it? Let’s understand the benefits.

Benefits of guest posting

Now let us talk about the benefits of guest posting.

benefits of guest posting

1. You reach more audience 

One of the best things that come with your guest posts is a wide range of new audiences.

Now let us explain how this works. 

See, you might be having some traffic coming to your websites, that’s great. But what if we tell you that along with your own traffic you can also have your friend’s traffic coming to your website? That’s what guest posting gives you.

When you write and upload engaging posts on an external website, readers from that website might sometimes get interested in your writing and start visiting your website.

This way you can get referral traffic with the help of guest posting.

To makes things easier you can look for a blogger outreach agencies to do all the heavy lifting.

get targeted referral traffic

2. You get backlinks

How can we forget this? At the end of the day, backlinks are what matters the most, right? Yes. 

See, how guest posting here works is that you write and upload a post on someone else’s website, and in return, you can ask them to add a link to your website on their webpage.

guest post examples

This makes it a win-win for both parties as the external website gets a high-quality post to upload on their website (for free) and you get a backlink from them.

3. You get networking opportunities

Nowadays, the network is extremely important. If you are connected with a lot of businesses, you can absolutely get an upper hand in your success. 

Guest posting also helps you enjoy this benefit. Let’s understand how. 

So before writing a guest post on any website, you need to first connect with its owner or anyone else from its team to discuss the partnership.

This gives you a chance to develop strong connections with them which can be extremely useful for your current condition and for all your future courses of action as well. 

4. You can improve your credibility and authority

The thing is simple – people believe what they see. 

That’s exactly how guest posting can help you improve your credibility and authority.

You see when you are out there writing guest posts on popular websites with high traffic, you are not only earning backlinks or traffic but are also improving your brand’s image in front of its audience.

The audience would see you writing high-quality posts on big websites and start perceiving your website as a trustworthy brand. 

5. You get to diversify your anchor text

You know, SEO link building is not just about simply earning backlinks. It’s about earning high-quality backlinks with a diversified link profile.

Having a diversified link profile means having a variety of links to your website.

When you write guest posts on different topics, you get to place your backlinks on anchor texts that are not the same as your previous anchor texts. 

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List of 191+ Free guest posting sites for 2024

The wait is over! Here’s your ultimate list of the 191+ best free guest posting sites that accept guest posts. We have divided the entire list into different categories. 

Let’s get right into it.

1. Digital marketing blogs

Blog NameDRWrite For Us
OnCrawl74Write for us
Single Grain79Write for us
MarketingProfs84Write for us
Serpstat79Write for us
HubSpot93Write for us
Blogging Wizard81Write for us
Mention84Write for us
Jeff Bullas81Write for us
Einstein Marketer56Write for us
Wordable75Write for us
GetResponse90Write for us
CXL85Write for us
Linkody72Write for us
Website Promoter69Write for us
Adzooma70Write for us
Prowly Magazine78Write for us
Thrive My Way76Write for us
Userpilot74Write for us
ContactPigeon67Write for us
Content Marketing Institute89Write for us
CoSchedule86Write for us
VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)86Write for us
LiveChat91Write for us
MarTech81Write for us
Search Engine Watch88Write for us
Social Samosa71Write for us
Rohit Ink78Write for us
Boostability70Write for us
Mondovo62Write for us
MilesWeb76Write for us
Thrive Agency79Write for us
EZ Rankings67Write for us
Ranking By SEO58Write for us
SEO Reseller64Write for us
Satori Studio83Write for us
SEO Sandwich64Write for us
SEO Works53Write for us
Chatter Buzz Media61Write for us
Marketing Tech News76Write for us
Thrive My Way76Write for us
Scepter Marketing73Write for us
SEO Scout66Write for us
Local Marketing Institute63Write for us
Pearllemon62Write for us
Understanding Ecommerce52Write for us
Social Pilot82Write for us
Digital Branding Institute61Write for us
Regex SEO64Write for us
Learn Inbound61Write for us
Benchmark Email84Write for us
Pole Position Marketing71Write for us
LeadFuze72Write for us
IncomeDiary71Write for us
The Manifest81Write for us
She Owns It57Write for us
Graphic Design Junction67Write for us
SEO Reseller64Write for us
CloudSponge60Write for us
SharpRocket51Write for us
Chatter Buzz Media61Write for us
TopFirms58Write for us
Unbound B2B58Write for us
Regex SEO64Write for us
Outreach Monks73Write for us

2. Business/Startup blogs

Blog NameDRWrite For Us
Buffer91Write for us
Succeed As Your Own Boss64Write for us
Buildd66Write for us
Fleximize68Write for us
Startup.info77Write for us
BizCover62Write for us
World History Encyclopedia82Write for us
Business 2 Community89Write for us
Harvard Business Review92Write for us
CandyBar76Write for us
G290Write for us
European Business Review79Write for us
Business Upside77Write for us
SurveyMonkey92Write for us
Entrepreneur91Write for us
Harvard Business Review92Write for us
Fast Company91Write for us
VentureBeat91Write for us
Seeking Alpha87Write for us
Kissmetrics77Write for us
Content Rally50Write for us
Benzinga86Write for us
AllBusiness81Write for us
Investing.com88Write for us
Bplans (by Palo Alto Software)80Write for us
Business Opportunities71Write for us
Wise Bread76Write for us
Airtable77Write for us
StartupNation75Write for us
KillerStartups74Write for us
MyCorporation74Write for us
MyCustomer (by Sift Ltd.)78Write for us
AlleyWatch74Write for us
Creately76Write for us
Tweak Your Biz74Write for us
HRZone (by Sift Ltd.)74Write for us
Home Business Magazine72Write for us
Succeed As Your Own Boss64Write for us
Noobpreneur69Write for us
Young Upstarts70Write for us
StartupBros67Write for us
Small Business CEO59Write for us
Cloudways90Write for us
SmartBrief81Write for us
FinancesOnline87Write for us
Side Hustle Nation74Write for us
Cloud Native Now70Write for us
Lilach Bullock70Write for us
Hypergrid Business62Write for us
International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development74Write for us
The Diplomat82Write for us
SnapMunk58Write for us
App Development Companies59Write for us
Outsource Accelerator71Write for us
ABC Money59Write for us
Ad Badger63Write for us
Project Life Mastery57Write for us
Top Software Companies61Write for us
MetaPress81Write for us
CEO World77Write for us
Ricky Wang53Write for us
iFlexion61Write for us
YFS Magazine70Write for us
The Ken66Write for us
Business Module Hub54Write for us
ARMember Plugin72Write for us
CanadaOne58Write for us
Smart Business Trends60Write for us
50Wheel51Write for us
MainVest66Write for us
Women on Business62Write for us
Small Business BC73Write for us
Enterprise League52Write for us
Fleximize67Write for us
Business Dit72Write for us
Yocale Business75Write for us
Sugermint51Write for us
Bizcover Bizwitty62Write for us

3. Tech blogs

Blog NameDRWrite For Us
VentureBeat91Write for us
Chanty77Write for us
Noupe77Write for us
ReadWrite84Write for us
The Next Web90Write for us
ZDNet91Write for us
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)91Write for us
The Verge92Write for us
TechRepublic90Write for us
CSS-Tricks89Write for us
Open Source84Write for us
Techopedia87Write for us
Creately76Write for us
Critical Hit66Write for us
SitePoint87Write for us
Freshworks90Write for us
A List Apart86Write for us
Cloudways90Write for us
Computer Tech Reviews72Write for us
Tech Pocket70Write for us
WP Reset73Write for us
Mobile App Daily72Write for us
Make an App Like55Write for us
Hongkiat81Write for us
Insights for Professionals67Write for us
Compare Camp73Write for us
Newszii55Write for us
Customer Think82Write for us
RT Insights72Write for us
IT Security Wire54Write for us
The Next Scoop71Write for us
SoftwareWorld74Write for us
WebDew72Write for us
REVE Chat74Write for us
Tech Talks71Write for us
ZonGuru60Write for us
MailerSend70Write for us
Civo61Write for us
Dazeinfo70Write for us
WebAppick71Write for us
SuperbCompanies53Write for us
DesignsValley55Write for us
Revechat74Write for us

How to write a successful guest post

how to write a successful guest post

Having a monster list of websites where you can write guest posts is not enough. For your guest posting campaign to be successful, you need to first understand how exactly a guest post is written so that it is liked by everyone and provides you with the result.

Here is a guide on how to write a successful guest post.

1. Select the right target website

Now one thing is obvious not all the websites mentioned in the post are going to be the best kind targets for your website. 

That’s why it is important for you to go for only those websites that are right for you.

Here are some factors that you can use to shortlist your target websites:

  • It should be within the same niche.
  • It must have high domain authority.
  • It must have a relevant audience.

If a website satisfies all three factors, you can surely go for it. 

2. Contact your target website

After you’ve created a list of websites that you want to target. It’s time to reach out to them. 

You can contact them through email or directly from the guest posting page (if they have the option to contact you) and let them know about your interest in writing a guest post for their website.

3. Choose your topic carefully

You know what? The only thing that is going to determine whether your guest post becomes a ‘wow’ for the external website’s audience is the topic that you choose. 

Here are a few things that you must do before selecting your guest post topic. 

Learn about the host website

Before you start writing a guest post for any website, you must first get a proper understanding of the website you are writing it for, its business, and so on. 

This helps you select a relevant topic. 

Learn about their audience

You must also learn about their audience. Try to understand who their visitors are, what they like to read, what are their interests, and so on. 

This helps you write a post that is relevant to the audience of that website and make your post a success.

Understand what are the best topics for that website

Once you get a proper understanding of the website and its audience, you must finally do some research on the best topics that can be written for that website.

4. Read guest post guidelines

Now, each website has its own set of rules and guidelines regarding guest posts that the writers must follow. 

guest post guidelines

It is a wise choice to always read the guest post guidelines of your target website before writing the guest post.

5. Research and write 

Once you complete all the four steps mentioned above, it’s finally time to write your post.

The biggest mistake that most writers make here is that they start writing the guest post without doing any research on the topic and understanding all the other aspects. 

Before you start writing your post, first, give some time to research your topic and understand everything about it. 

After you’ve researched enough on the topic and gathered some information, start writing.

Write your post in a way that satisfies the guest post guidelines. You must also focus on writing your post in a way that engages the audience. 

6. Build strong relationships

Finally, you must not restrict your goal to a single guest post. Try to build a strong relationship with the blog owner.

Do’s and don’ts 

Okay, so now you have a good understanding of how to write a guest post successfully. That’s good. It’s time to learn about some do’s and don’ts. 

Do’s of guest posting

Do research the website: If you want to write a successful guest post, you must have a good understanding of the website you are writing it for. Try to learn about the website’s audience, its business, its style, and so on, to match it. 

Do follow the guidelines: See, you are a guest on the host website. That is why it’s important for you to adhere to the guidelines laid out by the host website.

Do promote your post: Your job doesn’t end with uploading your guest post. Next, you must also promote that post on your social media handles to maximize your post’s reach.

Do include a bio: A bio is extremely important if you want the readers to know more about you. Craft a bio that is engaging and relates to the audience while also showing them who you are and what your expertise is.

Do engage with readers: One more thing to keep in mind is to engage with the readers of the host website. This means that you must also focus on replying to their comments and make them feel engaged to build stronger connections.

Do check out other popular guest posts: You can also check all the other guest posts that became popular on that website to understand what works and get an idea of how you should write your content. 

Don’ts of guest posting

Don’t copy-paste: This is a real no-no when it comes to guest posting. If you think that you can copy someone else’s work and paste it into your guest post to achieve success, that won’t. Try to be valuable and include original content in guest posts. 

Don’t keep links first: Many people make this mistake in that they write guest posts only for the sake of links. If your only priority is to somehow write and upload a guest post and get a link, you will never achieve guest posting success.

Don’t over-promote: Next, you must never try to over-promote yourself. Your guest post should be written in a way that engages the audience and feels valuable to them. It shouldn’t sound like an advertisement.

Don’t neglect editing: As a guest post writer, your job is to not only write the content but also to check and edit the final piece of content yourself. Make sure you have left no errors and mistakes in your blog post and edit it to align it with the host site’s standard.

Don’t over-post: One last thing to keep in mind is that you must never post too frequently on the same website. It’s good to maintain a decent frequency of uploading guest posts on the same website. 


So here we are. At the end of this post.

This was the complete post on the 500 best free guest posting sites.

You must remember that not all websites are the best targets for you. It’s your job to carefully research and shortlist the websites that are relevant to your niche and right for you. 

Remember the steps mentioned above and you are well settled toward your guest posting success. 


  • Is guest posting free or paid?

    Well, guest posting can be both free and paid. It majorly depends upon a number of factors like your target website, its policies, the kind of relationship you have with that website, and so on.

  • Is guest posting good for link building?

    Well, we can’t say that guest posting is the best option to go for when it comes to link building. But we can certainly say that it is a good option. However, you must be careful with the websites you choose to earn backlinks from as it may sometimes also lead you to low-quality backlinks.

  • Is guest posting easy?

    Yes. When compared to all the other strategies, guest posting gives you an easier way to achieve your goal. However, it’s important to note that the process of writing a guest post can be really hard work sometimes.

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