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Why You Should Hire SaaS Link Building Agency for Your SaaS Business

Link Building Agency For Your SaaS Business

You know what? Over the past seven years, the SaaS industry has increased in size by around 500%. That’s really huge!

This has also brought a lot of competition to the market. And if you are running a SaaS business, you already know how hard it is to thrive in this industry.

To do so, you need to conquer the industry.

How can you do that?

Well, one way to do this is to build backlinks and win your SEO game. That is – If you rank well, you do well.

But wait, building backlinks is not child’s play. 

It’s an extremely serious task which, if performed correctly can bring you tons of benefits, and if not, can waste hundreds of your hours.

That’s why you should take this thing seriously. 

Hiring a SaaS link building agency in such cases is a yes, yes.

If you are like most people and are still confused about whether or not you should hire a SaaS link building agencies for your SaaS business, this article is your answer.

Without further ado let’s get started.

Why does your SaaS business need to build links

We’re sure when reading the intro, the first question that would’ve come to your mind is – “Why do I even need to build links?”

And this is a valid question. After all, we don’t know how exactly links can help a SaaS business.

Let’s learn why your SaaS business needs to build links:

Why does your SaaS business need to build links

1. With links you get higher search rankings

So when you build links, you get backlinks from external websites. 

Each link from an external website acts as a vote of confidence from that website towards your SaaS.

This vote of confidence (backlink) is considered as one of the strongest search engine rankings factors.

Therefore, the more you build links, the higher the search rankings you get.

2. With links you receive higher traffic

As we just said, with links, you get higher search rankings. And with higher search rankings, you get more traffic. 

How? Let us explain.

So when you build links, Google starts placing your web pages in higher positions in SERP. This increases your chances of getting more clicks from Google. Though it’s not a single factor, but off course it is one of the strongest factors.

Moreover, when websites link to your SaaS, they add your link somewhere on their web page. This can oftentimes bring referral traffic from that website to your SaaS.

3. With links you can beat your competitors

Remember, your competitors are also using link building strategies to win the SEO game. And that’s where things get interesting.

With link building strategies, you can spy and steal your competitor’s backlinks and even earn new ones. This gives you an opportunity to beat big competitors you couldn’t beat otherwise.

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4. With links you earn your audience’s trust

When big websites link to your SaaS, it creates a sense of trust and authority in your audience’s minds.

They might think “Hmm if X website has linked to this SaaS, I’m sure this SaaS is going to be trustworthy”, which increases your authority.

So It’s clear that building links is extremely important for your SaaS. 

Now, the question is whether you should hire a SaaS link building agency for it. And if yes, then why?

Let’s answer it.

What is a SaaS link building agency

A SaaS link building agency is just like any other normal link building agency but with its focus on SaaS businesses.

A SaaS link building agency specializes in helping its SaaS clients to get backlinks from high authority, relevant websites. 

It helps your SaaS acquire backlinks from relevant tech and software sites and also attract potential software users.

Reasons why you need to hire a SaaS link building agency

“Hey, I still think I can build backlinks myself, then why should I even spend money to hire a SaaS link building agency?”. 

Well, you can indeed build backlinks yourself. However, you don’t specialize in it. 

Let us share some reasons why you should hire a SaaS link building agency:

reasons to hire saas link building agency

1. You can actually save more money

Most people, when they hear about hiring an agency, all they can think about is the word “expensive”.

Let us tell the truth – Hiring an agency is actually cost-effective.

When you decide to set up an in-house team for link building, you’ll need to hire SEO professionals and a lot of freelancers, and also purchase premium tools.

With an agency, you get all-in-one at a lower cost. Moreover, you can also save a lot of tax money.

2. You get to hire top SaaS SEO experts

When you hire in-house SEO professionals, they may not always be the best ones.

But as link building agencies’ major work is based on professionals, they always try to hire only the top experts.

When you outsource your link building efforts to an agency, you get to work with top experts who have past experience growing SaaS businesses. 

3. You can save a lot of time

Hiring a SaaS link building agency also saves a lot of time. Let us explain how.

Link building is just a part of running a SaaS business, but that business has many other things to focus on. If you try to put all your efforts into building links, you can miss out on tons of other opportunities. 

When you hire an agency, you can put your efforts back on other things and stop worrying about getting backlinks.

4. You get access to advanced tools

Well, there are a lot of link building tools available in the market that can really help you skyrocket your rankings. But the sad thing is you have to purchase them.

No worries.

As a SaaS link building agency specializing in this thing, they already keep access to these premium tools which they use to build backlinks for your SaaS business.

This means with these agencies, you get to enjoy the benefits of both the premium tools as well as the expertise of professional link builders.

5. You actually get results

Well, you may have a good understanding of how to run your SaaS business, but not in building backlinks. That’s why if you decide to build backlinks yourself, you’ll need to wait for a long time before you can drive actual results.

This is because you’ll need to learn through trial and error.

That’s not the case with SaaS link building agencies.

These agencies are big companies with experience working on link building strategies, so they know what works and what does not. 

They can develop strategies tailored to your SaaS business and perform tactics that give you the best results.

6. You get consistent backlinks

When you’re trying to build links yourself, it’s very important to put most of your effort into driving good results consistently. This is not always possible!


That’s because sometimes you can be busy working on other things and can’t focus on link building.

In the long term, this can be a major issue.

On the other hand, when you hire an agency, you get consistent results. Why? This is because the major business of that agency is based on building links, so all they can do is build links.

With this, you can maintain a link building schedule that will give you a strong online presence.

7. You get access to multiple skill sets in one bucket

Winning the SEO game requires a wide range of skills such as research and content development. And it’s not easy for you to hire specialists with all the skills.

That’s when an agency can help you. 

Since the main business of such agencies is link building, they run a team of professionals who are skilled in every SEO project.

From research and outreach experts to project managers, agencies can provide access to all kinds of experts that will help boost your SEO rankings.

8. You get backlinks from top-tier websites

As we said earlier, you are not an expert at building links.

What does it mean? Well, this means that although you may have the ability to get links from normal websites, you are less likely to get backlinks from top-tier websites.

Why? Because you just don’t know how to do it.

The reason why you should hire an agency is because they can partner with top-tier websites and give you high-quality backlinks easily.

Agencies know how exactly things work and what to do to gain backlinks from target websites.

So, after understanding why you should hire a SaaS link building agency, the question that comes next is, Which is the best SaaS link building agency?

The best SaaS link building agency

Well, there is nothing called the “best” SaaS link building agency, as each agency has its own set of specialties that can benefit you in a number of ways. 

choosing right saas link building agency

However, If you are someone who is looking for an agency that can look at your SaaS and go like “Hmm, we think we should develop a completely new strategy for your SaaS”, then you should probably go for SERP Forge.

Why hire SERP Forge

As we said before, each agency has its own set of specialties, here are some of the things you would like about SERP Forge:

> Specialized approach 

Although you can work with the same link building strategies used for other SaaS businesses, SERP Forge takes one step further by learning about your business and customizing it for your business.

> Transparent reporting

No need to worry about what’s going on with your link building strategies. SERP Forge stays transparent by giving you regular reports on what’s going on and the results achieved.

> Quality over quantity

When it comes to link building, the quality of your backlinks must always be prioritized more than the quantity. 

Rather than focusing on many low-authority websites, SERP Forge gives you backlinks from less but high-authority websites that can really boost your rankings.

> Holistic link building services

Instead of giving you links from any website, we focus on building a diverse and organic link building profile that improves your rankings over time. We use engaging content that naturally attracts high-authority links to your SaaS.

Why you would like the link building process of SERP Forge

The reason you would like the link building process of SERP Forge is because SERP Forge works with an extremely simple yet powerful process of building links for its clients. 

Here are the steps taken to build links:

SERP Forge link building process

Step 1: Planning

Here’s how our planning phase goes

  • Partnering with you
  • Understanding your unique business and the market
  • Develop personalized link building strategies

Step 2: Prospecting

Next, we will conduct research and create a list of all the influential websites in your industry. These are high authority websites and they tend to get a lot of traffic.

Step 3: Outreaching

Now, it’s time to reach out to the list of prospects created in the previous step. Our goal here is to build a relationship with each prospect by offering them something of value and earning backlinks in return.

Step 4: Link Building

Once we have successfully connected with prospects, our next step is to build links. Now, we’ll use all the link building strategies we’ve done before like guest posting, infographics, etc. to get backlinks.

Step 5: Analysis

Our efforts don’t stop with the links. Our final step is to take a closer look at how our strategies are working and the impact of backlinks on your rankings. We are always open to making changes to anything that isn’t working.

Link building strategies we use

Our main goal is to provide personalized link building efforts to your SaaS business to achieve better results.

Here are some strategies we use for our link building:


Well, this was the complete blog on why you should hire a SaaS link building agency for your SaaS business.

We have done our job, now it’s all up to you to decide whether or not to hire a SaaS link building agency.

If you’ve decided to go for it, why wait further? Get in touch and start getting backlinks with SERP Forge today!


  • Why should you outsource link building?

    The reasons why you should outsource the link building efforts of your business are:

    1. Outsourcing can be cost-effective
    2. By outsourcing you get better results
    3. You get access to advanced tools
    4. You get faster results

  • What is SaaS link building?

    Well, link building is a process where you perform strategies to gain backlinks from other websites to your website.

    SaaS link building is the same as a normal link building effort but with a specific focus on SaaS businesses.

  • What is the role of backlinks?

    The backlinks you get are important indicators for the search engine when it tries to figure out which website should rank higher for a search.

    When you get a backlink from another website it acts like a vote from that website to you. It almost feels like that website is telling the search engine “Hey, I’m linking this website because I feel it is a good one”, which then improves your SEO rankings.

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