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11 Backlink Monitoring Tools to Track Your Backlinks in 2024

backlink monitoring tools

You already know that running a link building campaign is important for your business. That’s good.

But you know what’s even more important? Monitoring those backlinks!

Why? Well, you see, running a link building campaign takes a lot of time and effort to be successful. That’s why you need to make sure that all the links you have earned through your efforts are in the right place.

This can be done with a backlink monitoring tool. Great.

There are many backlink monitoring tools that can help you track your backlinks. We have handpicked 11 of the best backlink monitoring tools that can make your link building strategy a success.

Let’s go for it.

What are backlink monitoring tools

Since backlinks are such a strong ranking factor, you need something that can ensure you get the best out of them.

That’s what backlink monitoring tools are made for. 

Backlink monitoring tools are online software or services that can track and monitor your backlinks.

You can get data about the number of backlinks to your website, the websites that are sending those backlinks, the quality of your link, etc. 

You can even track the results of your backlinks such as checking the new or lost links. 

Finally, you can even analyze your backlink profile which gives you an overview of your entire backlink game. It informs you about the potential threats and opportunities for your backlinks. 

You can even track your competitors’ backlinks.

In short, these are your all-in-one backlink tools. 

Why is monitoring your backlinks important

Now let us understand why you must monitor your backlinks.

importance of backlink monitoring tools

1. To get better SEO results

As discussed before, backlinks are one of the key ranking factors on search engines. And SEO is all about optimizing your website to rank higher on search engines.

This basically means that when you get better backlinks results, you automatically get better SEO results.

That is exactly why it is important to monitor your backlinks.

By monitoring your backlinks, you can understand how your link profile is evolving and whether you are earning more links or losing more.

2. To maintain a high-quality backlinks profile

Sometimes, you get backlinks that are harmful to your website, like links from link-farming websites. Whoops.

These backlinks can hurt your website’s rankings and overall brand image as well.

The only way to prevent such harmful links is by regularly monitoring your website and keeping an eye on everything so that you can take quick actions when needed. 

What’s more? Well, when you monitor your backlinks, you get to understand what kind of links are good for your website and what kind of links are bad. 

3. To understand and beat your competitors

You are not alone in your backlinks efforts. You are competing against several other businesses to win your link building game. 

This is exactly why you need to keep an eye on your competitors. 

When you analyze and understand your competitors you can make good decisions and take action to get a competitive advantage over them.

By spying on their backlink profile, you’ll get to know about all the link building opportunities that you weren’t using and also understand how your backlink profile compares to them.

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4. To make changes to your strategy

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. In such cases, it is crucial to refine your strategy.

By monitoring your backlinks you can understand what went wrong and make changes to your strategy to stay away from potential threats. 

You can adjust or abandon the strategies that are less effective.

Moreover, it can also help you develop a strong content strategy.

Backlink monitoring also gives you information about which content generated the most links which can help you understand the kind of content your audience likes. 

5. To prevent penalties and manage your reputation

You know what? Search engines penalize websites with unnatural or spammy backlinks profiles. 

It’s your responsibility to keep your website away from such spammy backlinks to avoid search engine penalties.

Moreover, in turn, when you receive backlinks from popular and high-authority websites, you automatically improve your brand’s reputation.

Positive mentions about your brands can even help you gain people’s trust.

That is why it is important to monitor your backlinks.

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Benefits of backlink monitoring tools

Well, what’s the need for using backlink monitoring tools? Let’s answer this question.

Benefits of backlink monitoring tools

1. Monitor the changes in backlinks

Backlink monitoring tools regularly update your backlinks profile and compare it with the previous profile.

This makes it easier for you to identify the changes.

Here are some specific examples of how backlink monitoring tools can help you monitor changes in your backlinks:

  • You can identify lost links – The tool notifies you if a website removes your link.
  • You can identify new links – The tool notifies you if a website links to you.
  • Identify backlinks that have been marked as nofollow or sponsored.
  • Identify backlinks from harmful websites. 

2. Identify and track websites linking to you

The first benefit you get with backlink monitoring tools is that you can track the websites linking to you.

What does it mean? Well, it simply means that the link monitoring tools have the ability to scan the entire web and identify all the websites that link to yours.

The tool will be regularly updated on the links you’ve earned and the authority, trust score, quality, popularity, and monthly traffic of the websites pointing to those links.

3. Spy on your competitors

With backlink monitoring tools, you can also spy on your competitors and form new strategies.

Let us explain how you can benefit from it. 

So, with these backlink monitoring tools, you can also analyze and monitor your competitors’ backlinks. By analyzing their backlink profile, you can identify high-quality websites that are linking to your websites. 

Then, you can reach out to those websites and get backlinks from them. To improve your productivity you can hire blogger outreach services.

4. Monitor the impact of links on your website’s ranking

What’s more? Well, these link monitoring tools also provide you with detailed information on the changes in the rankings that occurred after earning those links. 

You’ll get a complete report on how your backlinks have helped your website grow in search results and improve its authority and brand image.

Best backlink monitoring tools for SEO

It’s time now to get your list of the best backlink monitoring tools. Let’s go. 

top backlink monitoring tools

1. Ahrefs

Well, first on this list we have one of the most popular tools for backlinks – Ahrefs.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tools out there used by entrepreneurs and digital marketers to boost their website’s rankings. 

It does this by giving you valuable information about your website’s backlinks, keywords, competitors, etc.

Ahrefs for backlink monitoring

ahrefs backlink overview

Now it is also one of the best tools for backlink monitoring. Let’s understand why. Here is a list of all the features Ahrefs provides:

  • The backlink overview shows you the number of links, referring domains, the number of links earned and lost, and your website’s rank. 
  • The backlink checker gives you data about your referring domains, their authority, and traffic data. 
  • The dashboard lets you instantly spot your website’s health
  • Website checker lets you analyze your competitors
  • The broken link checker lets you analyze the number of broken links

Their pricing starts at $99 per month with the Lite plan.

2. Moz 

Moz is similar to Ahrefs.

What is Moz?

moz overview

Moz is another popular link monitoring tool that gives you all kinds of SEO features on its platform.

Along with backlink monitoring, you get other digital marketing service features such as keyword research, website analysis, content planning, etc.

Moz for backlink monitoring

moz inbound links

Moz’s backlink tool is called ‘Link Explorer’. This tool provides tons of backlink features such as:

  • Analyzing the number of backlinks pointing to your website
  • Researching competitor backlinks and spying on them
  • Finding broken links
  • Checking the spam score of your backlinks
  • Understanding which piece of content attracted the highest amount of backlinks
  • Analyzing anchor text
  • Anything the authority 

Moz pro pricing starts at $99 per month. There is also a free account you can use to test out all the tools using a free account.

3. Semrush

Semrush is another amazing SEO tool that can be used for backlink monitoring. 

What is Semrush?

semrush dashboard

Just like Ahrefs and Moz, Semrush is a digital marketing tool that helps businesses level up their SEO.

It provides various features such as keyword research, SEO, content marketing, rank tracking, social media management, link building, content optimization, and so on.

Semrush for backlink monitoring

semrush backlink analytics

Semrush provides many features that are specifically created to monitor links. Some examples are:

  • Backlink analytics: To track the number of inbound links and find outreach opportunities.
  • Backlink audit: To monitor your backlink profile
  • Backlink gap: Find gaps and identify backlink opportunities.
  • Bulk backlink analytics: Analyze your prospects in bulk.
  • Link building: Gain new backlinks.

Semrush pro pricing starts at $129.95 per month. 

4. SE Ranking

Now on this list, we have SE Ranking. Let’s understand what it is. 

What is SE Ranking?

se ranking backlink checker

So SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool that is easy to use and which provides a complete toolkit for SEO.

With this tool, you get all kinds of SEO features such as SEO monitoring, rank tracking, website audit, backlink monitoring, on-page SEO checking, content marketing, and local marketing. 

SE Ranking for backlink monitoring

se ranking

Along with other SEO features, SE Ranking also provides a complete set for link monitoring. With this tool, you get link features such as:

  • Checking if the link is found or not found
  • Checking if the page with your backlink is dropped out of the Google index
  • Checking the anchor text
  • Analyzing the target URL
  • Analyzing whether the link is a no-follow or a do-follow

Their Essential link monitoring plan starts at $55 per month. 

5. Majestic

You’ll love Majestic because this tool is specifically focused on links.

What is Majestic?

majestic overview

Majestic is a popular tool that focuses on providing you with the best link data and also gives you other kinds of SEO features.

Majestic for backlink monitoring

majestic overview two

It uses four rating systems to provide you with insights.

  • The trust flow metric shows you the quality of the links that are pointing to a website.
  • The citation flow shows you the number of links that are pointing to a website. 
  • The visibility flow shows you the number of high-quality editorial links a website has.
  • The topical trust flow shows how relevant the links pointing to a site are.

Many businesses use these four metrics to analyze their website and their links. 

You can even analyze your competitors’ backlink profiles and get valuable insights into metrics like the types of links, anchor text, and the follow to nofollow ratio.

Their Lite plan starts at $49.99 per month.

6. Monitor Backlinks by SEOptimer

Now this one is by far one of the best backlink monitoring tools.

What is Monitor Backlinks?

monitoring backlink

Monitor Backlinks is a must-have tool for SEOs, marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who wants to level up their backlinks game. 

It helps you build great backlinks that attract traffic, manage your brand’s reputation, recover lost backlinks, track keyword rankings, etc. 

Monitor Backlinks for backlink monitoring

monitor backlink dashboard

This tool provides all kinds of basic features that a link analysis tool must have. What’s interesting is that along with those features it also provides some advanced features such as:

  • Importing backlink data from third-party tools
  • Fighting negative SEO by disavowing bad links
  • Reverse engineering competitors’ keyword and backlink strategies
  • Getting notified when you lose a backlink

Their pricing plan starts at $34.10 per month.

7. Linkody

This is another tool that is specifically focused on backlinks. 

What is Linkody?

linkody dashboard

So Linkody is a backlink monitoring tool that lets you track your campaign’s efforts in an easier way.

Its easy-to-use dashboard gives you quick insights into your link building progress and gives you data using various link metrics. You can even generate PDF reports. 

Linkody for backlink monitoring

linkody domain page

Now let us understand how Linkody can help you in your link building efforts. 

It provides various kinds of features such as:

  • Letting you know when you lose or gain a backlink
  • Getting insights into competitors’ backlink strategies
  • Analyzing your link profile using all the other metrics 
  • Quickly identifying and disavowing bad links
  • Visually locating the link on the source page
  • Getting PDF white-label reports
  • Checking if your links are indexed on Google
  • Using Moz metrics to analyze DA, PA, spam score, etc
competitors links linkody

Their plan starts at $14.90 per month.

8. Linkio

Linkio is another tool that specializes in managing and monitoring your website’s backlinks. 


What is Linkio?

Linkio is a software that focuses on backlink outreach.  It mainly provides you with features that help you through your backlink outreach efforts. 

This tool can also be used for your monitoring purposes as it provides various other kinds of monitoring features as well. Let’s understand what it provides. 

Linkio for backlink monitoring

The tool provides various other kinds of features such as:

  • Providing complete information about each link: it gives you a complete overview of each link including its anchor text, surrounding content, and whether it is a no-follow or do-follow
  • Integrate and analyze metrics from third-party websites
  • Monitoring and updating the link data regularly
  • Checking backlink index

Linkio’s pricing plan starts at $19.99 per month.

9. OpenLinkProfiler

Okay, so now on this list we have OpenLinkProfiler.

What is OpenLinkProfiler?

openlink profiler

Now let’s understand what this tool actually is all about. So OpenLinkProfiler is a free backlink checker tool that lets you analyze your backlinks and get valuable data for free. 

This tool has the ability to provide up to 200,000 links per report. The free version can export 100 backlinks in csv. format. In short, it provides all kinds of backlink features you want. 

OpenLinkProfiler for backlink monitoring

Now let us understand what kind of features it can provide when it comes to link monitoring. With OpenLinkProfiler, you get:

  • The ability to analyze and sort anchor texts in exact match, phrase match, branded, and naked categories
  • The ability to sort do-follow and no-follow links
  • The ability to check the OpenLinkProfiler rank
  • The ability to estimate organic traffic
  • The ability to analyze domain rating and page authority

10. Backlink Checker

Now we have Backlink Checker as the final monitoring tool on this list.

What is Backlink Checker?

backlink checker

Now Backlink Checker is a new link monitoring tool that is used by professionals to track and check the status of the backlinks they’ve worked hard for.

This tool provides you with a lot of backlink monitoring features such as analyzing domains, discovering backlinks, managing teams, etc. 

What’s more? With this tool, you can easily identify all the links that have been removed so that you can take action accordingly.

Backlink Checker for backlink monitoring

Now let’s understand how helpful this tool is when it comes to link monitoring. So this tool provides you with all these features for link monitoring:

  • You can check if your backlink is indexed on Google or not
  • Discover new backlinks for your domain and add them for monitoring
  • Make your list public and share it with your clients
  • Add subscribers to email notification

Their pricing plan starts at $39/one time.

11. Sitechecker

Next up on our list is Sitechecker.

What is Sitechecker?

sitechecker dashboard

Sitechecker is a comprehensive SEO checker and website audit tool designed to enhance organic search traffic for your website. It achieves this by scanning websites to pinpoint both technical and content-related issues that could negatively affect search engine rankings. 

Additionally, Sitechecker offers features for monitoring website modifications, tracking search engine rankings, and generating detailed SEO reports.

Sitechecker for backlink monitoring

sitechecker backlink track

Sitechecker’s backlink tool is called ‘Backlink Tracker’. This tool provides tons of backlink features such as:

  • Backlink tracking: Track all your website’s backlinks from various sources including social media and forums.
  • Backlink health monitoring: Continuously monitor your backlinks to identify active and broken links.
  • Backlink loss alerts: Receive alerts for lost backlinks to take quick action for recovery.
  • Backlink profile analysis: Analyze your backlink profile for insights on origins and types, aiding in strategy improvement.

Their pricing starts at $49 per month with the basic plan.

Key metrics to monitor

Now let us discuss what are some key metrics that you must monitor with these tools. Here is a list of metrics to keep an eye on.

1. Total number of backlinks

This metric provides an overview of the total number of backlinks pointing to your website. 

The higher the number of backlinks you have the more chances of ranking higher on search results.

2. Referring domains

This metric provides you with an overview of the total number of unique domains pointing links to your website. 

The higher the number of referring domains is the more diverse and strong your backlinks profile will be.

3. Domain authority

Domain authority provides an overview of the authority scores of all the domains linking to your website. 

Higher domain authority often helps in SEO.

4. Page authority

This one is similar to domain authority, but rather than focusing on the entire website, page authority focuses on the authority of a single page.

It helps you understand the quality of each page.

5. Anchor text distribution

Anchor text is the text where your link is placed.

By analyzing the anchor texts used to provide backlinks to your website, you can monitor the diversity.

6. Do-follow vs No-follow

Do-follow links are backlinks that pass on the authority juice while no-follow links do not pass any authority juice. 

Backlinks with do-follow tags provide more impact than backlinks with no-follow tags.

Keep an eye on the number of do-follow links and the number of no-follow links your website receives.

7. New and lost links

You must keep an eye on both the newly gained and lost links from your link building campaigns

By analyzing the number of new links earned and the number of links lost, you can make effective link building decisions.

8. Competition

Next, it’s also important to compare your metrics and link building profile with that of your competitors.

This will help you identify the potential threats and opportunities so that you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.

Conclusion (best backlink checker tool)

So this was the complete list of the best backlink monitoring tools.

With the help of the list discussed above, you can make the decision on which link monitoring tool to go for to get the best results.

Just remember that each tool comes with its own uniqueness and features. So choose only the one that matches your needs and preferences.


  • How do backlink monitoring tools work?

    These backlink monitoring tools crawl the internet, analyze websites, and collect data about the links pointing to your site.

  • Are there any free backlink monitoring tools available?

    There are some free link monitoring tools available on the internet such as Google Search Console and Google Data Studio.

  • How often should I check my backlink profile?

    Regularly. If you want to maintain a strong backlink profile, you must regularly monitor your profile and keep an eye on the changes. You can do it once a week or at least once a month.

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