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The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Link Building to Boost Your Search Rankings in 2024

guide to enterprise link building

There are many ways your enterprise can attract customers and grow its business. One way is by ranking on search engines like Google. 

Now ranking on Google takes two things:

High-quality content and strong backlinks.

While creating high-quality content is a topic of discussion for some other day, let’s talk about backlinks. In other words, link building.

Because enterprises are large businesses, regular link building processes used for other businesses won’t always work.

For this, you need to learn link building processes specifically created for enterprises – Enterprise link building.

Let’s learn about it.

In this post, you are going to learn what enterprise link building is, why it is important, and how to perform it. 

What is enterprise link building

Before understanding what enterprise link building is, you need to first understand what backlinks are.

So backlinks are when external websites provide a link to your website. 

These links can improve your SEO game as Google considers the inbound links as a vote from the website on the quality, relevance, and authority of your website.

Enterprise link building:

Enterprise link building is just like regular link building but with a focus on building links for enterprises.

It involves steps and strategies you can take to gain links from other reputed websites on search engines. 

The added term “Enterprises” tells us that this strategy is tailored to the specific needs of large businesses and how to build links for them.

Why is enterprise-level link building important

Now let us learn why you need enterprise link building. 

enterprise link building importance

1. To rank higher on Google

Google considers links as one of the top 2 factors for deciding the rankings of any webpage.

That’s why you must use enterprise link building SEO strategies.

When you get more high-quality links from reputed sites to your enterprise website, your website gets closer to the top of search results.

For example, if your retail company “Okay123” wants to appear on the result page for the search “electronics”, you will need to build relevant links to the website.

rank higher on google

With the help of enterprise link building, you can gain links from other tech blogs which will signal to Google that Okay123 is a trusted source and would significantly move its ranking higher in the search results.

2. To get more referral traffic

With enterprise link building, you can also get increased referral traffic.

What is referral traffic?

The traffic that you receive from other external websites when they place a link to your page on their website is called referral traffic

get targeted referral traffic

How can you get referral traffic?

Let’s take the same previous example.

So by performing enterprise link building you’ll get backlinks from other popular tech blogs. Along with sending the authority, these blogs will also increase your traffic with the link they’ve placed on their website.

3. To win people’s trust

Next, enterprise link building can also help you in winning people’s trust. 

Here’s how:

So when you gain backlinks from other reputable and popular websites, you set your image as a trusted source for the audience.

backlinks from top sites

For example, if a reputed tech news website links to your “Okay123” website when talking about electronic gadgets, it suggests that your enterprise is a reliable source for buying electronic items.

4. To beat your competitors

When the game gets bigger, competition also gets harder. That’s why you must always try to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Enterprise link building can help you do that.

Your competitors are already out there trying to get links from popular websites. In such a situation, it is really important for you to perform effective enterprise link building strategies and get other popular websites to talk about you before your competitors.

For example, if you notice that your competitor “Notokay123” is getting mentioned in popular publications, it is extremely important for you to do the same.

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5. To get more popular 

Now you might be already popular. But what if you need more popularity? Well, wanting popularity is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s the right thing for your business.

Enterprise link building can also give you popularity.

By encouraging top websites to add a link to your website, you can increase your popularity and get recognized by more people.

For example, if a top review website adds a link to your site, along with helping in SEO, it’ll also help you introduce your brand to a new set of audience.

How is an enterprise link building different from regular link building

Let us explain how.

enterprise vs regular link building

It is specifically made for the ‘large’ companies

While regular link building strategies involve steps for businesses of all levels, enterprise link building is specifically focused on large companies.

It is made for big websites with a strong online presence.

It puts more focus on maintaining a good brand image

Large enterprises don’t want to lose their good brand image. That’s why they have a set of guidelines and rules for maintaining their brand image when it comes to building links. 

Enterprise link building tries to follow those guidelines and rules to maintain your company’s brand image.

Quality is everything

When it comes to large enterprises, quality is everything.

Yes, it is true that even small and mid-sized businesses focus on quality, but for large enterprises, quality is the lifeline for their business.

When you are running such a big company, you don’t want to create average-level content. You want the best content to attract the links from the best websites (top websites).

top linking sites
Source: Ahrefs

Enterprise link building is tailored in such a way that it focuses on getting you the best quality content and links.

The competition is huge

Enterprises are surrounded by hundreds of different competitions.

In such an environment, it is not easy to stand out and get backlinks to your website.

Enterprise link building includes steps and strategies that mainly focus on staying ahead of your competitors and winning the tough competitive market with advanced link building strategies.

Best enterprise link building strategies

Now let’s learn about the best link building strategies that you can use for your enterprise.

Some strategies will be the same as small business link building strategies but with a little tweak to match enterprise needs. 

Here you go:

enterprise link building strategies

1. Unlinked brand mentions

Big companies are frequently mentioned online. That’s why this link building strategy can work best for your enterprise.

What are unlinked brand mentions?

Most of the time websites mention your brand, product, or anything related to your company in their content, but don’t add a link.

These types of brand mentions are called unlinked mentions. 

How to perform it?

First, you need to track all your brand mentions. You can use tools like Brand24 or Ahrefs Content Explorer that can track and notify you every time someone mentions your brand online.

brand 24

Next, organize the entire list of web pages that have mentioned your brand but have not added a link to it.

Finally, reach out to your targets and ask them to add a link to the mention. 

unlinked mention outreach mail
Source: Ahrefs

2. Broken link building

Broken link building can be really helpful for enterprises.

What is a broken link?

broken link
Source: Semrush

Oftentimes what happens is web pages get deleted or moved. For certain reasons, website owners delete the web pages they created in the past or change their link addresses.

In such cases, external websites that have previously added a link to that web page end up sending their audience to a “404” error page ( broken link ).

404 error

Here’s how you can get a link with it:

First, use Ahrefs to identify websites that are linking to pages that no longer exist.

Next, outreach and inform the website owner that the link is broken.

Finally, offer him/her to replace that link with another similar page’s link (your page).

This can be really helpful as enterprises often have many pages on their website. This can make it really easy to find pages similar to that broken link’s content.


This strategy can get you links from big publications. Let’s learn about it.

HARO is now Connectively

What is HARO?

Journalists are constantly in search of fresh insights and expert opinions. HARO is a website that connects reporters and journalists with industry experts who can act as the source for their news or content.

How to get backlinks with HARO?

First, visit the website and sign up as a source.

sign up as a source

Next, select your industry and sign up for their daily emails.

Then sit back and wait. 

You’ll receive an email every time a journalist is seeking opinions from experts in your industry.

If you find it to be relevant, respond to all the questions.

start responding to queries

Finally, if the reporter or journalist decides to add your thoughts to their article, you’ll get a backlink from them.

This strategy can be really effective for enterprises as big companies always attract more journalists’ eyeballs which increases your chances of getting your response mentioned in big publications like Forbes, Business Insider, etc.

4. Leverage your clientele

As enterprises have a lot of different clients, these clients can help you get backlinks. Here’s how:

Reciprocal links

Reciprocal links are when your website A links to site B and in return site B links back to your website A.

You can perform such strategies with your clients.


Your team might be using a lot of different tools for running the day-to-day activities. 

You can pick each tool and leave a review for them that the tool owners can add to their websites with a dofollow link to your site. 

testimonial backlink example
Source: SEOptimer

Resource page

Many companies have a “favorite tools” or a “resource” page where they mention all the tools they use. 

If your clients have a similar page on their website, you can reach out to them and ask them to mention your company with a link to it.

5. Give interviews

You can gain backlinks from big publications with the help of interviews.

Here’s how:

Journalists love taking interviews from experts and creating a piece of content about it. 

By arranging an interview, you can get your enterprise mentioned in big publications.

Moreover, you can even give interviews on podcasts and ask them to add a link to your website on their podcast website. 

That’s not it. If you want to gain backlinks for big publications, you can also create articles based on experts’ opinions (quotes) on a particular topic.

6. Benefit from influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an all-in-one strategy. How? Well, it can attract links, bring you an audience, and also improve your brand’s credibility. Isn’t it great? Yeah.

Learn how to perform it:

First, find popular influencers and bloggers in your niche that are closely followed by many listeners.

Then, collaborate with the influencer to create interesting and helpful content for the audience.

influencer marketing stats
Source: Mediakix

Finally, post the content with the link and promote it in various ways.

This way your business can build a strong relationship with the influencer and his audience and earn a backlink.

7. Create linkable assets

Another way to generate links is to create assets that naturally inspire people to talk about it and add a link.

Here are some examples of what you can create.

Write the ultimate guides

Ultimate guides are long content with a high potential to generate backlinks.

These are like the final boss in that topic that covers just about everything.

Outsource Link Building

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Create free tools

There are many free basic and simple tools available online. For example, calculators, grammar checkers, word count tools, template generators, and more.

These are all simple but powerful tools that, if created and promoted correctly, can generate thousands of traffic and backlinks.

Create infographics

You can create an infographic on a popular topic and let people use it for free in exchange for a link.

Create a statistics roundup

People love to mention statistics in their content. You can gain backlinks from it.

A statistics roundup is when you choose a particular topic of your niche and compile the data and statistics related to it. 

In such a kind of backlink strategy, you don’t have to invest in producing data. 

All you need to do is research and gather statistics and data from various existing studies.

Link Building Statistics and Trends

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Enterprise link building best practices

Now let’s learn about some important practices that you must follow to achieve greater link building success.

enterprise link building best practices

1. Research first

Before executing your link building process, you must first research and understand the websites you want to target. 

Select websites that have high domain authority and are relevant to your industry.

Along with researching for websites, you must also perform keyword research.

Why? To simply get a list of the most searched things in your industry and write about them. 

2. Create high-quality content

As an enterprise, a good brand image is what your business needs. 

That’s why you must never compromise on the quality of your content. 

Regardless of what type of content you create, it must be of the best quality and should have the ability to naturally attract backlinks.

3. Focus on relevance

Focusing only on the high domain authority websites regardless of their relevance won’t always work. 

Why? It’s because Google considers relevance as one of the most important factors for determining a backlink’s quality.

Never go for sites that are not relevant to your business.

It is okay if you can’t find any high authority website to target within your industry. You can also go for relevant sites with average-level domain authority.

4. Track and analyze

Lastly, remember to always keep track of your link building results. 

You can use paid SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush or free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to track your daily rankings and the results achieved by your links. 


You can then analyze and make decisions accordingly on the changes required.


Okay, so this was the complete guide on enterprise link-building. 

Now it’s your turn to go ahead and use your learnings to build links for your enterprise or hire a saas link building agencies like SERP Forge to achieve better and faster results.


  • Can I outsource link building services for my enterprise?

    Yes. Most enterprise businesses outsource their link building efforts to agencies. These agencies that provide enterprise link building services include a team of experts who are specially dedicated to building links to your website.

  • Is there a connection between SEO and link building?

    Yes. SEO is all about the strategies used to rank higher on search engines and link building helps in improving your search rankings which means it is a part of SEO.

  • How can enterprise companies start with link building?

    To start with link building, you can:
    1. Select your link building strategy
    2. Create high-quality content that others would naturally want to link to
    3. Reach out to relevant websites and influencers for guest posting and collaboration opportunities
    4. Monitor your backlink profile regularly and disavow toxic links

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